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 投稿者:メトロ  投稿日:2019年 3月29日(金)22時32分28秒
メール metropolemuffin@yahoo.co.jp


 投稿者:Xinyi  投稿日:2018年 9月26日(水)00時43分58秒
  I'm Chinese and I was just led to this website on "shidaiqu" on wikipedia. I really appreciate your work! I'm a undergraduate doing some research on "shidaiqu" actually, and I enjoy the music very much. Thank you again for this incredible website and information!  

Song List of Tung Pei Pei “董佩佩”

 投稿者:Simon  投稿日:2016年 4月28日(木)20時14分9秒
  春天是我們的_ Tung Pei Pei ? “楊光”    (movie “金桑子” 1954)
琵琶怨_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “金桑子” 1954)
嘻嘻哈哈_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “金桑子” 1954)
吹泡泡_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “金桑子” 1954)
?偽的愛情_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “金桑子” 1954)
紅花相思_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “金桑子” 1954)
甚麼都完了_ Tung Pei Pei   (movie thematic song of “金桑子” 1954)

第二春_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “戀之火“ 1956)
愛情的花?_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “戀之火” 1956)

上山坡_ Tung Pei Pei & “楊光”    (movie “採西瓜的姑娘” 1956)
迎親曲_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “採西瓜的姑娘” 1956)

花開蝶飛來_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “那個不多情” 1956)
花生米_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “那個不多情” 1956)

人間天堂_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie ”江湖奇俠傳" release date unknown)
春閨怨_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “江湖奇俠傳” release date unknown)

小妹妹的心_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “多情河” 1957)
等情郎_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “多情河” 1957)

杏花居_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “風雨桃花村” 1957)

好樓台_ Tung Pei Pei & “于飛”    (movie “一見鍾情” 1958)

玫瑰良?_ Tung Pei Pei & “楊光”    (movie “花迎春” 1958)

新鳳凰于飛_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “鳳凰于飛” 1958)]

五月相思_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “夜來香” release date unknown)

天上的明月光_ Tung Pei Pei & “江宏”    (movie “月夜情歌” 1959)
我會跟着你_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “月夜情歌” 1959)

闊人家的大少爺_ Tung Pei Pei    (movie “小鳥依人” 1960)

花前對唱 (single song)

叮囑 (single song)

Unforgettable "Tung Pei Pei" 董佩佩

 投稿者:Simon  投稿日:2016年 4月10日(日)22時41分56秒
  p.s.  “花開蝶兒來”  was a movie song of the film "Who Isn't Romantic" 那個不多情  acted by Chung Ching at 1956.

        I find the information in my old note-book.

        It may be true?

Unforgettable "Tung Pei Pei" 董佩佩

 投稿者:Simon  投稿日:2016年 4月 8日(金)22時23分58秒
  Dear Mr.Zhouxuanmi. Hi and how are you!

Of what made her unforgettable, cannot be put into words.
If I have been asked, “第二春” and “花開蝶兒來” are my favorite of her songs.

It has Tung Pei Pei's quality of wistfulness - a kind of femininity, sweet and radiant.
It is a rare phenomenon to find a young girl with such inherent "Golden Voice" at 50s & 60s!

And then there is a question about whether "花開蝶兒來“ was a movie thematic song?

Thank about it!

Japanese singer-actress "Li Xianglan" pass away

 投稿者:Simon  投稿日:2014年 9月16日(火)19時46分53秒
  TOKYO (AFP) - Japanese actress and singer Yoshiko "Shirley" Yamaguchi, who was known under her stage name "Li Xianglan" 李香蘭,
has passed  away at the age of 94 after a life as dramatics as any of her films.

Yamaguchi was long regarded as Chinese after making her debut in the 1938 movie "Honeymoon Express" 蜜月快車 by Manchuria Film Productions
and "China Night" (1940) also known as "Shanghai Night" 上海之夜.

Her hit songs included "Fragrance of the Night" 夜來香, Suzhou Serenade" 蘇州夜曲, "Ocean Bird" 海燕, "If Only " and "何日君再來“.

Her autobiography was published in 1987.

p.s.  Died: September 7 ,2014, Tokyo, Japan
        Born: February 12 ,1920, Fushun,China  

Teresa Teng- 1970 歌迷小姐

 投稿者: Simon  投稿日:2014年 6月20日(金)23時25分41秒
  Her most memorable and beautiful performances in the movie.

Thank for your precious information!              


 投稿者:zhouxuanmi@web master  投稿日:2014年 6月20日(金)16時35分10秒
  Dear Simon.Hi and How are you?
thank you interesting message about "I want to Sing"歌迷小姐.
I think movie is not documentary,so speech is not real.
but I think that time no person good help for her as 藍雲(張冲)
or EMI present not good contract for her.

Few years before I asked Ms.Yao Lee
"Why EMI not contract Teresa?"
She was EMI producer when Teresa came HK.
but she don't know why.
She told me
"I(Yao Lee) thought she(teresa) was very good,but she did not contract EMI"

anyway only 8 songs she recorded in EMI.

(interesting that OST album is not real OST...not including 青山,楊燕....)

if she contracted Hong Kong EMI...she will be big as now or not?

and why that movie not come official DVD or blu-ray?

Teresa Teng- 1970 歌迷小姐

 投稿者: Simon  投稿日:2014年 6月17日(火)23時00分5秒
  How are you, Mr. zhouxuanmi ?

At 1970, Teresa Teng acted in the musical-movie 歌迷小姐 '' Gemi Xiaojie '' as 丁? '' Ding Dong ''.

There were some conversation among in the film:-

Welcome you (Ding Dong)  to be a member of E.M.I. Co.

From now on, you're a member of E.M.I.

Ding Dong: Thank you all for your encouragement especially Mr. Lam Yun 藍雲, if not for him...

If not for him, we wouldn't have discovered you.

There is yet an incident conspicuous in my mind. It is difficult to see why Teresa Teng not a member of singer
in E.M.I. Co. after 1972 ?

Would you mind having a word with this question? Thank you.

Taiwanese pop diva "Feng Fei-fei" passed away

 投稿者:Simon  投稿日:2013年 5月31日(金)22時41分24秒
  Feng Fei-fei, the "Queen of Hat",passes away on January 3 at age 58.

According to Feng's official Web, the singer had thanked her fans for supporting her throughout her career.

"l have lived a happy and wonderful life," Feng said "Thank you for being by my side all this time, my brothers and sisters. As for the songs l never got to sing in this life. l will sing them to you in my next life."

The Web site said that Feng had insisted on personally singing birthday and New Year cards for fans, even during the last month of her life!

Some of her popular songs include "l am a cloud", "When l Hear Your Applause" and "Chasing Dreams".

For your some old information only.