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Cameron bullying drama.

 投稿者:Abracadabraメール  投稿日:2020年 6月10日(水)02時16分30秒
  Hi Mami. I don't know if you are aware of the drama involving Cameron Deacon bullying a tumblr user called leopardprintismybrown. This tumblr user has compiled a dossier of evidence on her tumblr blog involving Cameron's YouTube and Instagram streams where he has encouraged members of "the camily" who appear to be very young to harass her after she posted responses to questions about him that he didn't like. This is a very worrying development and his actions appear based on a complete misunderstanding of her role in responding in a measured way to questions and comments about him that were sent to her. Cameron has refused all attempts of this tumblr user to reach out to him in private so has now published links to evidence of the bullying on YouTube and Instagram. He has also had merchandise made to taunt her on teepublic website. It is an awful situation and she is now trying to get Instagram and YouTube to delete his accounts. If you like I can send you evidence but it is all available on tumblr page of leopardprintismybrown.  
    (mami) Thanks for your information.
I don't use any other SNS so I didn't know these problem...
Hope everything will settle  peacefully!

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